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Words Of Wisdom!!!

Words Of Wisdom!!!

I found some notes I took when I was about 19 or 20 years old from a seminar I went to.  The motivational speaker’s name was Ed Blunt. I was young, vibrant, in college, and a sponge soaking up as much knowledge as I could. Mr. Calhoun, my mentor and acting coach called me and told me to come hear Ed Blunt speak. When Mr. Cal calls me I don’t question it because he only calls when it’s important. As I looked around the conference room most of the crowd was in their 30s and up. I didn’t feel out-of-place or intimidated after all I knew there was a reason God placed me here. When Ed spoke I had my paper and pen out because I didn’t want to miss anything he said. He was well dressed and his wife was an actress I’d seen on tv before. I figured hey he’s got some good connects to be where he is. Plus he didn’t live in Cleveland, but he’s from the area, and he looks like me. Growing up I had many male mentors in my life that encourage me to do more and be awesome. As an adult there weren’t many male role models who symbolized where I wanted to be in life. Seeing Mr. Blunt reassured me that one day I too can be successful and speak to a crowd full of people sharing my story.

During Ed’s motivational chat I learned one of the keys of success was the importance of “Painting The Picture.” It’s not enough to just think about what I wanted, but I had to fully see my vision too. I have faced many uncertainties in my life, but still manage to wake up and smile pushing my vision forward. Another great tip he shared with us was “Take Out The Trash.” I had gotten rid of a lot of negative people from my life. There are people in our lives who will constantly give critiques on what they see of our Authentic Selves. Let that toxic trash GO and watch how much lighter you’ll feel. Don’t allow someone to ride the road of your success if they haven’t put in any work to help enhance where you are. I know that I am making moves with my brand and there are some people that will not be invited to my big events or private parties. Does that mean I’m being shady or “Hollywood”? No, that means I’m being smart about who I allow to be in my circle and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Not everyone is meant to grow with you. Some are there to teach you a lesson and then move onto the next student.

There were some people placed in my life to help me when I was down. During those times some of them also used my talents to help do more for their brands growth than they did themselves. I can’t harp on their short comings because their brands do not represent what I’m doing. My mantra I say often is, “If you don’t invest time into your brand than who else will?” I have often wondered what my next move will be, but the joy in the unknown is what keeps me intrigued. I see myself waking up in a new city, living my dreams, and having a good time doing so gives me the strength to see it through. I will not leave this earth without making a lot of noise and opening up new doors for the next generations to follow. May we all have the courage to fuel our passions and live with meaning.


Starrahs what will you do to leave your mark on the world?

Gravitating Closer To My Dreams,

Willie J

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Giving Back To My Roots!!!

Giving Back To My Roots!!!

I went to my old stomping grounds, Glenville High School on May 4th for the Glenville Alumni Basketball Game. I had a GREAT time. I saw lots of old friends & laughed with them as we caught up on life. I felt so FREE coming back to my roots. One thing I always keep in mind is finding ways to stay connected to where I come from. I do plan on moving very soon, but I’ll never be too far away that I can’t give back. Something many people don’t know is when I was 18 years and in college, I did just that. My guidance counselor, Mr. Chinchar and I talked about me doing some motivational chats with junior and senior students of my alma mater. I got home from my first college break January 2004 and was sitting in Mr. Mandel’s classroom with bright-eyed seniors ready to share my wisdom about college life.

Mind you I’d recently graduated June 2004, now I’m in front of the class as a guest speaker. That for me was one of the highlights of my career. I spoke to a number of classes during the course of 6 years. Once I graduated college my priorities changed, but the message remained. I gave students practical advice and things they should do before going to college. I was a first generation in my family to go to college and coming from an urban environment where many men my age didn’t pursue this route was impressive. I’ll never know how many students took my advice and ran with it, but I know for sure that I gave what I could and nothing less. I remember my senior year and different speakers would come speak to us about the importance of college and choosing a good career. However, they gave the cookie cutter version, which I knew wouldn’t help me. I said to myself, “One day I’ll come back and give the students the real deal about college life.” Who knew less than six months later I’d begin that journey? The power of writing things down & speaking your life into existence is something I live by daily.

I said all that to say this: Understand that your branches can’t grow without strong roots in your foundation. You have to find ways to give back because many of our young people need guidance, as we once did.

How will you pull someone up with your strength Starrahs?

Glenville Tarblooder Always

-Willie J

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