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Problems, Success, And Everything In Between

My peers have looked to me for solutions to their problems. I never thought of the help I provided to them as a start to my brand. I have always been a leader, someone who made things happen. I remember being in high school trying to figure out what “real life” would look like for me. How I could take over the world? I wanted to be well-known in my high school for doing great things. Setting a path for others to follow and reflect on. I was a teenager with big dreams and now I’m a Starrah creating open doors for this next generation to follow.  I began to realize that with only two months left of 2012, how much impact I have had on my Starrahs?  I go about my everyday life and sometimes forget that I have loved ones who are waiting on my first book to be published. I’m published in my friend Ashley Hill’s book “Celebrating The Journey: Rediscovering Me“. Starrahs pick up your copy today.  That was a true honor for me to be featured in a book that deals with facing adversities and achieving your academic goals.  I know all to well about that, but the good thing about this story is how authentic Ashley’s story is and how she achieved her successes.  There are so few of us who can weather the storm and push on to our destined life.  Now it is not an easy path by any means, but the rewards that follow are endless. I know for sure that her JOURNEY is one we all can learn from and explore ways to CELEBRATE how far we’ve come.

I was talking to a best friend of mine and she was griping about the struggles going on in her life at the moment.  As a good friend, I listened, but when I got home a few things came to mind 1) She is going to love that Masters degree once it’s all over only a few more months left. 2) She’s maintained her sanity while balancing 4 jobs two she gets paid for and the other two pays her back via the universe. 3) I admire her courage to be the first to achieve this goal that only few black people have been able to accomplish. 4) I’ll be holding up a huge “YOU DID IT” sign at her college graduation in May 2013. 5) And lastly how fortunate am I to have a dear person like her in my life as an inspiration to keep me going. 

You see what I learned is sometimes it’s alright to not be the problem solver, but rather the reflective mirror.  When someone talks to me about a struggle they are going through my first reaction is not to solve the problem.  I’m listening for ways they can improve their situation and get out of their own way.  Often times I have been in the way of my blessings, blocking the very people who should be connected to my energy at that time.  I don’t have much to complain about because in the scheme of life.  Most of the adversities I’ve faced in 2012 weren’t as big as what I faced in 2004 or 2005.  October is a special month to me and later on this month I’ll elaborate why.  For now I want to leave you with this.  People often tell me, “Willie you’re always happy why is that?”  The reality is not everyday is a happy day, but I understand that struggles don’t last always.  Plus I have positive people in my life who are my reflective mirrors and won’t allow me to crumble.


Willie J

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My First Show Debut!

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Continuing On Starrah!!!

Fall is here so you know 2012 is winding down.  I’ve got a few things I still want to accomplish. Launching my radio show is going to give me a clearer focus on the things that are important to my brand. The cool thing about this is I get to express my thoughts through technology and voice my perspective on things I rarely talk about.  Lately there have been many topics floating throughout the world and I’ve got a lot to say about it.  The focus of this show isn’t to win more Starrahs I’m good there, but to expand out thinking and seek alternative solutions. 

 Like most people, I too have experienced disappointments and made mistakes.  I learned from them too and now I’m ready to share a few of those experiences with the world at large. Being a mogul has various responsibilities and lately I’ve been off track. I used to have energy to write for hours and hours, but that slowly lingered off. However, I am steadily getting back to the things that matter most to me. I needed a break from being responsible for others because it was taking a toll on my body.  I have been talking with my inner circle and they have given me ways to improve myself and my brand.  Sometimes being all over the place does not help matters at all.  I am finding ways to do one task at a time and giving myself realistic deadlines too.  I have a few goals that I want to accomplish in 2013 and I want to take on bigger challenges, bigger than myself.  I know for sure that I’m meant to work with people and speak to the masses with my divine light.

 I’m making a PROMISE to myself that I’ll be more accountable for the improvement of my well-being.  Still I remain patient on the expansion of my platform because I know there are many people I’ll be working with and partnering up ways to improve our brands.  I got a phone call this morning from my dear friend wanting my input on a branding decision, which proves to me that my voice is stronger than I realized.  My friend could’ve called anyone in the world, but instantly thought of me. I’m grateful to be thought of and see the impact I have on others.

 Thanks for reading Starrahs may your path of fulfilling goals before 2012 begin today. It’s never too early or too late.


Back In The Race,

Willie J

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