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Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!

This Is Where It All Started in Brooklyn, NY! (April, 2011)

What inspires me at the moment???? I was recently watching Justine Simmons and Serena Williams both on Home Shopping Network channel (HSN) showing off their jewelry line and clothing line respectively. I gained so much inspiration seeing them promote their products and customers buying up everything. In today’s economy it becomes so easy to forget about treating ourselves. I try to treat myself to something at least once a month whether it’s a pastry or dinner at a new restaurant. I have a special passion for HSN because I see that as my next outlet to reach the masses. There’s an idea I’ve been brewing inside my head for a few years now and all I envision is being on TV promoting it and talking to my customers. Soon that dream will manifest and you’ll be reading about my HSN experience in future blog post. To me it goes beyond promoting products for financial gain, it’s about promoting a piece of yourself and others want to invest in what you’re selling. Sounds easy right?

I remember growing up as a kid and thinking about ways I could make money. I thought about designing clothes, cooking, writing books, etc.  As I grew up those ideas stuck with me, I still see my clothes being worn across the world, cooking for friends at one of my dinner parties, and traveling on a book tour.  When I see some of my favorite people living their dreams and having a memorable time while doing so, it motivates me.  There were many days I didn’t know whether I’d write past one blog post or if I could reach anyone with my thoughts and stories.  Now its 1 year later and All Things Willie J is still going strong.  I still reflect on this being an idea of creating “Optimism” and letting things flow from there.  Sometimes all it takes is one theme to spawn many creative avenues of opportunity.  As I embrace the new changes of 2012 and continue Springing forward into what lies ahead for me.  All I can do is THANK all of my Starrahs for your continued support, advice, and for helping me live out one of my dreams: WRITING…  I know that this gift can’t be taken lightly because I could lose everything in an instant, which is why I strive to be a vessel of INSPIRATION.  There is so much in store for the Willie J brand and I know as we grow together we’re going to travel the world and break bread together. 

I have come a LONGGGG way and I LOVE this space I built for US.  The world was missing a LIGHT, so I turned mine on.  Now we’re shining brighter than anyone could ever imagine.  This summer I have a lot of projects to share with y’all.  My how time is flying by and it’s on 4 months into the New Year. This month is special to me for many reasons, but the biggest one for me would be “HEARD.”  At times our lives can get noisy and we feel drowned out and get out of touch with what’s important to US. I will continue to show MY TRUTH and navigate with my goals intact.  I refuse to be a second thought. “Willie has all this potential, but didn’t use it.” I can’t rob US from experiencing GREATNESS together. So here’s to 1 year of PROGRESSION to a 1000 years of Starrah Power! May We Cheers to that!

Be Sure to Check Out my Starrah Testimonials Page… Told y’all I’ve been working! More is on the way…

P.S. The picture above is the brunch I had w/ my friend Kell who helped me brainstorm my idea for this site. It pays to have friends that get your vision and allows their energy to expand your growth.

Glad We Made It,

-Willie J


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