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Happy 2 Years!!! Still Writing…

Happy 2 Years!!! Still Writing…

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to the All Things Willie J blog site. When I created this labor of love it was a way for me to pour out what’s going on in my world. I know that I’m not the only one who goes through issues, struggles, success, & understanding of who they are. I knew that my intention was to create a conversation and an outlet to make us all wonder what we’re capable of. This year has been one of many transitions and rolling with life as it comes. I normally plan things out, but l didn’t see some of the obstacles I’d have to overcome. I have to give honor to GOD for keeping me sane & still pushing through. Even during the days when I didn’t want to say anything or let those closest to me know I was going through troubling times. It looked like I had it all together, but behind my SMILE I was hurting. I felt like things weren’t going to get better for me even though I kept my mind as positive as can be. I just felt defeated and down.

My 27th birthday was a few days ago and it was a good and simple one. For my previous birthdays, I’d be in another city taking a vacation. This year that wasn’t an option for me, however, I created my own adventure this year. I got a chance to seek out some wise advice and my friend took me to dinner. I ended the night with a glass of wine & a red velvet cupcake. It was nice receiving love from my friends on my birthday and that made me feel special. Most times I’m so consumed with doing for others that l have to take time out for myself. Oh I have no problem getting on a bus, plane, or train to get away when I need to refuel. The best lesson for me that night was: “You are where you’re meant to be.” I kept reminding myself that l may not understand why things are where they are in my life, but I am in good standing. Most people would have given up and not focused on what trying times are teaching them. I’ve been reflecting on what these struggles have been teaching me.

Then I begin to think about how fast 2 years has gone by and my site is still going strong. During this time of transition for me, I can still OWN something. When I knew my finances began to fluctuate l had put aside the money I needed to keep this legacy going. I’ve always been someone who taught the value of owning your BRAND and finding ways to make it WORK. That’s exactly what I did.

Recently, a friend of mine told me “Look how far you’ve come Willie? You went from a blog site, to a radio show, and you’re still doing other things.” I had to take it in because they were right, I’ve got more work to do, which is why I celebrate every milestone in my career. I don’t want to be 50 years old and start reflecting on my career at that point. I’ve got enough time right now. I also took heed to some of the advice the wise woman told me on my birthday: “Stop over analyzing everything. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re doing the best you can. The little steps you’re taking now are having greater impacts in your life than you realize.” I must say she was on point because I’d forgotten to just be. My brand is doing well and just because I’m not seeing it’s frugalness at the moment, there are great outcomes happening because of me doing the work.

I encourage everyone to continue speaking your life into existence. It may not show up when you want it to, but eventually it’ll manifest at the appropriate time. I am holding on to my dream of moving out of my hometown and planting my Starrah SEEDS on new soil. My soul is meant to LIVE and be FREE. The truth is I’m bored here; my soul is already in my dream city kicking it, making the proper moves until we meet up. I will continue to do the work and step outside of my comfort zone and stretch my brand further than I can see.
Thank You for making these 2 years a good start, warm welcome, & letting me know that what I have to say still has value.

Breathing in my success,
Willie J


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Women Hear Them Roooaaarrr!

Women Hear Them Roooaaarrr!

For the past few months I’ve been putting lots of energy into my radio show.  I have met a lot of people during this experience. At this time in my career I am grateful to have this platform. A year ago, I lost my job and wasn’t sure what was next for me.  Now I’m busy creating a show that I can be proud of as well as provide valuable content for my audience.  There are many subjects I have yet to discuss, but I am taking each show one month at a time.  I have great co-hosts Ms. Tiffany Burton & “Legendary” Courtney Davis, who keep the shows energy flowing effortlessly.  As the creator of the “All Things Willie J” show, I often forget that I have the power to control the entirety of my show.  Meaning I can pick the guests, topics, & whatever else I feel that will enhance the show’s appeal.

This month I chose to focus on women.  Women are important to my life because I’m always surrounded by them & I see all of their passion, drive, dedication, struggles & victories.  I chose this month to focus on them in my “Women Entrepreneur Month.”   I chose women Moguls who are in their Mid- 20s-Early 40s.  It’s not enough to just be a woman, sometimes it’s about OWNING your POWER!  We all have gifts and each of these young women exemplify what it means to truly live OPENLY & HUMANLY CONNECTED.   These women run blogs sites, are authors, create their own internet channels, & natural hair care products.  I’m Amazed to see how fast many of these brands have matured over the years.  I’m talking about as fast as within two years of creating their brand.  Blog sites that have turned into a self-empowered workshop platform to having natural hair care products inside the goody bags at this year’s 2013 Presidential Inauguration.  Talk about speaking life into your vision.

My goal for this series is to empower all of the Starrahs through these radio chats. I want them to understand that dreams can manifest when you do the work.  I remember when I started this site about 2 years ago and it was a way for me to communicate my thoughts.  Now it’s on gaining continuing exposure and allowing my Starrahs to grow with me.  We still have more places to go and things to discuss.  Thank You to everyone that continues to follow the “All Things Willie J” movement.  I will continue to give y’all content that matters because it truly is about “Igniting Your Inners Starrah and Going Beyond Yourself.”

What are ways you’ll start living out your dreams Starrahs?

My Dream Lives,

Willie J


Reflective 2012 Starrah!!!

Reflective 2012 Starrah!!!

The New Year is upon us and moving at a consistent speed.  Around this time many of us are getting things in order whether it’s financially, physically, or spiritually.  Why is it that many of us wait until the END OF THE YEAR to make it COUNT??? Why aren’t we this enthusiastic during the middle of the year?  What happens during the course of each year that throws off our focus?  Could it be social media, friends, work, or committing to many projects.  For me I’ve had a mixture of all these things this year.  I’m addicted to facebook, but learning how to give it less of my time.  That doesn’t represent all of who I truly am. It’s an EXTENSION of my life & a way for me to keep in touch with my Starrahs all over the world.  Another distraction I had this year was over committing to other people’s projects. I’m glad to say that I’ve gotten a good grasp on that and haven’t been on board anyone else’s project since October. 

I went through a drastic change during the middle of this year with losing my job.  My FAITH was tested and I had to roll with the unknown.  I just remember telling myself that I’m gonna make it and continue building my brand.  Thank God I stayed FOCUSED because many opportunities gravitated my way during my FREEDOM TIME!  I had the honor to attend Collinwood High School on December 6th to speak with Mrs. Watson’s students.  They ranged from 10th-12th graders and I found pieces of myself in each one of them.  I remember being in high school full of life and trying to think about how things will work out for me.  My dream was to be BIG & GLOBALLY known.  As I chatted with these students giving them a little history about myself and they connected with my story.  They also asked various questions about college life and how high school was for me.  It was fun reminiscing about the IMPACT I left at my alma mater, GLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL (Class of 04’).  Special Thanks to Mrs. Watson for inviting me to speak with these young minds and give them some food for thought. We got more work to do in 2013!

 As I get the chance to explore my various TALENTS and figure out which one will generate revenue.  I was recently asked to HOST my own radio show on VOICE IT RADIO this is a nationwide Internet blog talk radio station, putting a lot of local talents and voices on air.  I’m in great company and the world is truly an oyster for me.  My radio show “ALL THINGS WILLIE J” debuted December 14, 2012.  Be sure Starrahs to listen every Friday 9pm-10pm to Myself & my co-host Ms. Tiffany.  BIG THANK YOU to Voice It Radio for giving me this platform and ways to reach a broader audience. I got love from Ohio, California, all the way to Hawaii.  Special Thanks to all of my Friends, Family, & Listeners that gave me an hour of their time. We’ve got so much more to talk about. Also to all of my blog following Starrahs that stay up with me and continue to read my work. You’re the reason I continue to keep writing and y’all are letting me know that this conversation is worth continuing. J All I can say for 2013 is BUSY, PRODUCTIVE, & BUSY!!!  May we all find our passions and what ways we’ll leave our TRADEMARK when it’s all said & done?  May ALL of YOU STARRAHS enjoy your holidays and be safe. Also if you can give back through your time, monetary donations, or feeding someone in your communities.  Go for it because you never know how your blessings will continue to flow. 


Jolly Starrah,

Willie J


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Radio Starrah Debut!

Hello to my Starrahs! That’s right I’ve been working on this radio show idea for a while now. The show will debut in the first week of October on blog talk radio. The show is appropriately titled “All Things Willie J” this will be an extension of what I want to talk about. I’ll be covering various topics. I’m growing and needed an engaging platform to connect with everyone, so radio was a no brainer for me. My goal is to do 4 shows per month and it’ll be around the 6pm mark. The show will be no longer than 30 minutes b/c we all have things to do. Plus I feel that I can do another show to expand on a topic if I don’t cover everything. I did radio in high school, college, and now I’m doing this on my own. I THANK everyone for being with me on this journey as I continue to create platforms that open doors for others. I’m not waiting for an opportunity to show up, I’m gonna make one. I’ll update again and give you all the link to follow me and listen in. See y’all on the Air soon.


Willie J.

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Pursuing Greatness 2012 Feature

College Starrah

Hi Starrahs:

I’m so excited to share with everyone my newest article. My friend, Ashley L. Hill runs her website College Prep Ready, which is the go to place for all of your college needs & more. This week is Pursuing Greatness 2012– a webinar that features experts from all over the world to give advice to the youth about the college experience. This is the 2nd year for this event and I’m honored to be a part of it again. There is no greater JOY for me then to share my wealth of College Knowledge with the YOUTH and anyone else who’s willing to listen. Check out my featured article “How To Prepare For College Mogul Style”…and give me feed back. Also browse around the site to see what catches your eye. Checkout all the advice from other experts too because we can never have too much knowledge. A BIG SALUTE to Ashley L. Hill for being a trailblazer and creating a path for the next generation to follow.

Writing With Purpose,

– Willie J

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You’ve Been Rejected…. Now What???

Global Thinking Starrah!

Most of us go through rejection at some point in our lives. It’s what we do after the rejection happens that makes the difference. Recently, I was teaming up with an organization to help the youth. I did everything I needed to do to prepare for the success of the program. I expressed my truths and got a phone call saying “Willie you cannot be a part of this program we don’t support who you are.” I was shocked by this ignorance because I had not exhibited any reason for me to suddenly get dropped. The sad part is this was to benefit the youth. If anything because of my diverse background and education I would be a great advocate of what a successful man looks like. I have been a part of various organizations geared towards empowering our youth and served as their mentor.

It saddens me to see that my own people would cut my blessings because of their short comings and insecurities, which have nothing to do with me. I called my friends and they gave me support and said, “Willie God’s got something even bigger in store for you.” I was hurt because my character was misjudged and assumptions were made about me and this person never gave me a chance. Actually they did give me a chance. My light outshined theirs and because I’m secure with being Willie that’s intimidating enough. Instead of them embracing our differences they chose to run from it. The lesson I continually am learning as a mogul is the power of ALIGNMENT. If someone isn’t comfortable in their skin and lacks social stability I cannot do business nor partner with them. I have various projects going on at the moment and partnered up with other moguls who understand my vision and allow our STARRAH powers to shine.

 You never know where a person is going or when you might need their help. Starrahs please be mindful of the people you reject or throw away because they may be the gatekeeper for an opportunity for your brand to grow. I will continue to walk in my truth and integrity because that is all I have. The best part about this whole this too is even though this person rejected me they still gave me respect. How? Through me remaining calm, assertive, yet a little irritated and angry, but I didn’t allow my emotions to take over. If I allowed that to happen, then that individual would have counter transferred their negativity into my energy. I was not letting that happen because they did not create me. I know who my creator is and why I’m DIVINELY FAVORED.

Another tip I want to share with everyone is the power of silence. When I received the phone call this individual had not heard from me at all. Due to me not responding to their snide comments in person, their mind began to wonder. They became so invested as to what I was thinking; they created my thoughts for me. I would suggest to anyone who has a conflict with another person do not play mind reader it can stifle you. So when that person called me, being rational and hearing me out was not an option because they already made my mind up for me. That further proves that when someone is INSECURE it will show up in various ways if you listen to what the person is saying. I suggest that when you are in conflict it is best to ask that person questions to give you better CLARITY on how to deal with the issue at hand. I have avoided a lot of big problems in my life and career because of that.

Don’t get me wrong I get emotional too, but I’ve learned tactful ways of expressing myself. I cannot act like a teenager when I am an adult. When adults resort to childish ways they lose more energy and inner peace. I thought about yelling and staying angry, but realized quickly that wouldn’t fix the issue. My best option was to find a way to FORGIVE this person and shake off their negative aura. I am in the strongest mind frame I’ve ever been in a long time. Many people can try to break me, but you will only feed me with MY PURPOSE. When one door closes 20,000 more will open and the aligned purpose will find me. Never let someone tell you who they think YOU are as an absolute truth because they may be the same ones jealous of your growth, especially when they see you as being beneath them and unworthy of being competition. Don’t waste your breath or energy trying to prove that you are worthy and that you being here on earth was not a mistake or coincidence. We all have a PURPOSE to fulfill before we take our last breath. It is up to us if we’re going to go for it or wait for the opportunities to show up. As for me I am all about seeking other resources for help and connecting with the UNHEARD voices of the world. 

How many of you Starrahs have allowed your dreams to be deferred because of others’ opinions or fear of rejection? Are you willing to change your thinking now and go with the flow of your DESTINY…. Or will you stay content and wait for things to happen?

Always Persevering,

Willie J


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Next Chapter Starrah…!

May 2012, Beachwood Hilton

Now we’re in the Next Chapter of the Starrah Life and all I can say is…. We Have OPTIONS! Yes!

I got a phone call in May from one of my friends, who happen to be one of my old high school teachers, Ms. Watson. We still keep in touch and over the years I’d been a speaker at her “College and Readiness Program (2005-08’). This program gave students an open forum to voice their concerns about college and how to utilize their resources in high school and beyond. When I picked up the phone she said, “I’ve got an opportunity for you. Are you available to speak at our workshop for the Teaching Professions Academy?” I agreed and was obliged to join this event. One thing I encourage is to be ready. Now my energy is racing because I got so much to say to these young people, especially since this is geared towards motivating them to teach.

I had only 3 days to get prepared for my workshop, which was 40 minutes long. I figured I’d leave some time for Q&A because I know they’ll have questions. I made my handmade note cards for my presentation and started thinking about what I wanted them to walk away with.  My goals were: to empower these young people and let them see a true example of success.  I didn’t question why I was allotted this opportunity and where this could go for me.  All I knew was I only got one chance to leave a lasting impression.  This was big for me because the conference was held at the Beachwood Hilton Hotel.  Not many people get the chance to stay at the Hilton let alone speak there. 

When I arrived I saw posters and collages the students made.  I was impressed because the students of Collinwood High School, Teaching Professions Academy put this whole conference together.  The event was called: “Rock The Future… Teach.” It was a luncheon too.  I thought I was doing 1 big workshop, but to my surprise I was doing 3 (40 minute) workshops.  Talk about being abundantly ready.  Once the students got settled in they ate some breakfast and I was blown away by the turnout.  There were various ethnicities present, which is great because I’m all about diversity.  I had another surprise too because I thought I was speaking in the big conference room.  Nope, I got my own workshop room complete with chairs tables, water, & peppermints.  Wow! I get my own room and it’s on my terms, definitely a Starrah moment. 

I gave a lot of useful advice & encouragement to these young people as they embark into various adversities in their lives. Whether it’s graduating from high school, to the importance of maintaining good grades, and why it’s so important to treat people right. The highlight for me was having the students come up and tell me that I made them think about some of their decisions differently.  As a motivator it’s a great feeling to know I made an effective change in someone’s life. I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for my mentors and role models that enabled me to dream big.  The principal of Collinwood, Ms. Brown was impressed by my presentation; she even sat in on my last workshop session. She said, “It’s so important for our young people to see POSITIVE black males doing well in their lives.”  I embraced that because her validation was vital.

As the day came to a close I felt honored, to be so young and have done something people twice my age may never get the chance to do. I lived out my dream, being a motivational speaker to young people. If I never get that opportunity again, at least I checked it off my bucket list. I am THANKFUL for picking up the phone and accepting my destiny. I remember saying how good it is to have an open schedule that didn’t involve work. Yes I miss working, but I’m maintaining and utilizing this time to create new options for my brand. It feels damn good to have choices as to where I want my life to go and the direction I want to go in. Most people wait to make these decisions later on in life, but I get to do it now without any pressure. 

The lesson I want everyone to know is: ‘You never know who’s thinking of you.” It’s so important to treat everyone RIGHT and with RESPECT because you don’t know what projects their working on.  You don’t know the power position they can be blessed with. For example, that friend you’re cool with in college may become the next big film director, or CEO of a business corporation and just because of your good character they may offer you a job. Had I not done great motivational talks with Ms. Watson’s students years prior, she may not have had me in mind for this big workshop event. However, she did and that is another notch under my belt and boost to my career. A special Thank You to the Collinwood High School students, staff, & Principal Brown for inviting me to the “Rock The Future… Teach Luncheon. I had an amazing time. To Ms. Watson, we got more things to accomplish with these young people. Thanks for keeping me in mind and continuing to follow & support my career.

In such a short span of time I’m in awe that this happened to me. Just a few months ago I lost my job and was finding my way. Now my purpose is attracting itself to me. I never gave up and during this time I set out bigger goals for myself. I am going to be my OWN BOSS and open up job opportunities for others to shine. I embrace the fact that I am example of DETERMINATION. Things in life happen for a reason and each of us gets our season to BLOSSOM. That’s why I’m in my blooming phase right now.

Starrahs are you doing all that you can to boost your career? Or are you missing out because you’re too complacent to explore your OPTIONS? Networking and speaking your manifested life into existence is a great start towards the IDEAL life you deserve.

Stay Connected,

Willie J

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A Starrah Fulfilled Experience!

Time really flies when you put more focus into what you’re meant to do.  My friend emailed about an opportunity to do a guest blog post for a website called “EntreRev, which stands for Entrepreneur Revolution” . I then researched the site for myself and browsed around to see if I’d be a good fit for their platform…. I was… Then I started working on a blog post that would be encouraging, but a guide for other young entrepreneurs to find their “Inner Voice.”  I think about when I started this blog site, which will be a year old next month. Wow! The blessing of being a writer is my ability to adapt to any writing style and get my point across. 

Before I started writing I reached out to the founder of the site Puneet Lakhi, then crafted my post in about 3 days.  I emailed it and a few days later I’m happy to announce my first guest post for 2012 happened! I was happily shocked because I thought it would be published next month, but I went to the site to see how it looked and there it was.  I’m still AMAZED.  I’ve gotten a lot of support and feed back from various friends.  The lesson I walked away with from this experience is to Pass It On.  Be good & kind to people because you never know where your next connection or job will come from or who is keeping you in mind.  Had my friend not emailed me the link and who I needed to contact this post wouldn’t be needed. 

That is why it’s so important to surround yourself with a network of people that will keep you motivated and push you beyond yourself.  Everyday is a new day for us to continue growing our vision and allow them to manifest.  I am overjoyed and thrilled to have this opportunity to be featured on a site where I can connect with other entrepreneurs that want to build a world of change and empowerment.  Be sure to know that Starrahs you all matter and we must choose wisely what we do in our lives because it effects those around us.  It only takes that one person to see the greater good in you that opens the door to a life fulfilled with your divine purpose.  Embrace all that comes your way because it builds to your story.

Checkout my article and give me feedback Starrahs 5 Tips for Finding Your Inner Voice

Thank You Puneet Lakhi for allowing me to be a part of your platform and opening up doors for other Starrahs to follow. Checkout this site because there are a lot of useful tips and stories of other young entrepreneurs making a difference in our world. We all have something to give,so don’t wait for the perfect time, create it.

Living Forward,

-Willie J


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Pursuing Greatness 2011

Greetings Starrahs, 

       I have the honor of being one of the featured experts for College Prep Ready blog site, which is run by my dear friend, Ashley Hill. She started this blog due to the lack of resources that helped college students prepare for college life. For the past couple years she talked about the idea of a conference that would help high school students and incoming college students of all levels.  This year she decided to launch a Virtual Conference called “Pursuing Greatness 2011” This Conference is FREE, YES FREE! Each day there will be a different topic and it runs August 22nd- August 27th.  On August 27th there will be a special Webinar Conference, which is going to be a Questions & Answers session for the pubic. This is FREE too and the great thing is we can be a part of this event from our homes.  I encourage you all to check out the Pursuing Greatness 2011 Conference going on right now, so JOIN IN on the FUN & gain some new knowledge on ways to improve your college experience.  Here is the link,  Please share this with you friends, coworkers, family, and whoever may benefit from this useful information.  My blog feature will be posted Friday August 26th, all I’m going to say about it is this column brings out pieces of my character & gives you all a glimpse into why I’m so MOTIVATED to SUCCEED! It’s nice to be back & I hope you all are enjoying your summer as time is winding down for Fall!

At Home Starrah

Willie J

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