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Radio Starrah Debut!

Hello to my Starrahs! That’s right I’ve been working on this radio show idea for a while now. The show will debut in the first week of October on blog talk radio. The show is appropriately titled “All Things Willie J” this will be an extension of what I want to talk about. I’ll be covering various topics. I’m growing and needed an engaging platform to connect with everyone, so radio was a no brainer for me. My goal is to do 4 shows per month and it’ll be around the 6pm mark. The show will be no longer than 30 minutes b/c we all have things to do. Plus I feel that I can do another show to expand on a topic if I don’t cover everything. I did radio in high school, college, and now I’m doing this on my own. I THANK everyone for being with me on this journey as I continue to create platforms that open doors for others. I’m not waiting for an opportunity to show up, I’m gonna make one. I’ll update again and give you all the link to follow me and listen in. See y’all on the Air soon.


Willie J.

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Acting The Part



I’ve been reflecting on my career and when it actually began. I think it started around 16 yrs old, as a sophomore at Glenville Senior High School. Now as I look back at my high school years I was a mogul then and took care of my business. I began my acting career on stage under the direction of my Speech Presentation/Drama teacher, Mr. Cornell Calhoun, who has been my mentor for over 10 years. I was nervous auditioning for the role of “Husband” in a play called “Old Settler.” There were four of us in the cast, Anita Tobin, Anjillian “AJ” Hill, & Luckey Dickerson & myself. We worked hard and learned our lines fast. Even at that young of an age I felt like I was on a Broadway stage. I take being an actor seriously. When I’m in acting mode nothing else matters, but getting the scene done right. We all understood how important it was to show our talents because our community would be watching us. It was all about making sure we portrayed our characters the proper way they were meant to be.

  So after a few weeks of rehearsal it was SHOW TIME. We did Amazing and Mr. Calhoun came up on stage, PROUD & CRYING, tears streaming down his face. I still remember that moment. He was so proud of us because we came ALIVE on STAGE and SHINED. We got a standing ovation from the crowd. I knew at that moment I was a part of something big. Here I was this outspoken kid who has a lot to say and now the foundation for my platform is in front of me, on stage. The first time I had ever done a play was in the 5th grade. I didn’t understand what was going on then. All I knew was not to mess up my lines. Now as a teenager it all made sense as to why I loved being on stage in front of a crowd of people. There’s this one line in Old Settler where I say, “She used to kiss me good night.” I was referencing my character’s affection he received from his mother and how he was trying to smooth talk Lo Bessie, his on the side boo, into some adult fun action. (Laughs) This play took place before all of these reality shows and the drama in that play was deep. It’s actually a movie starring Phylicia Rashad, and Debbie Allen and a host of other talented actors. I got to see the movie a few years after we did this production. Let me say I did pretty good. (Smiles) 

What I gained from that experience and carried away with me is whatever you do, do it well. Whatever project your name is attached too represents your brand, so choose who you want to work with wisely. Fortunately for me I worked with top notch actors and had an AWARD-WINNING director/playwright.  Yes in high school I was surrounded by greatness. I treated every play I did from that point on like an award-winning performance. That is what has allowed me various opportunities to do various plays and take breaks in between to enjoy life. I know there will come a time when the focus is the stage and television world. That is why I continue to maintain a grounded lifestyle that suits me and my circle of loved ones.

 Mr. Calhoun gave me these words of wisdom back in 2004, after graduating high school: “Never leave the stage, never drop the pen, never cease to smile. You are an original.” I reflect on these words often because I’ve never stopped being active in my artistic career. One of the things I’m glad I did was remain PATIENT. I thought I’d be on stages all over the world by now most of the year. What I discovered was it wasn’t time for that yet because I needed to close up any gaps going on in my personal life. Beyond being a writer, actor, entertainer, I am a son. I have now gained the proper stability needed for me to expand my career and let my Mom do her thing. I know that the next role I do will push me further as an actor and shine in my craft. My goal is not to become a famous actor; it’s to become an actor of creative substance. I also want to get in the directors chair too and elevate other actors/actress’ careers. I THANK everyone who has come to support me in any of my theatrical endeavors. I appreciate all of the love and grateful for your continued belief in me.

 What’s your big dream or dreams Starrah’s? Share them.

 Takes A Bow,

Willie J


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Pursuing Greatness 2012 Feature

College Starrah

Hi Starrahs:

I’m so excited to share with everyone my newest article. My friend, Ashley L. Hill runs her website College Prep Ready, which is the go to place for all of your college needs & more. This week is Pursuing Greatness 2012– a webinar that features experts from all over the world to give advice to the youth about the college experience. This is the 2nd year for this event and I’m honored to be a part of it again. There is no greater JOY for me then to share my wealth of College Knowledge with the YOUTH and anyone else who’s willing to listen. Check out my featured article “How To Prepare For College Mogul Style”…and give me feed back. Also browse around the site to see what catches your eye. Checkout all the advice from other experts too because we can never have too much knowledge. A BIG SALUTE to Ashley L. Hill for being a trailblazer and creating a path for the next generation to follow.

Writing With Purpose,

– Willie J

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You’ve Been Rejected…. Now What???

Global Thinking Starrah!

Most of us go through rejection at some point in our lives. It’s what we do after the rejection happens that makes the difference. Recently, I was teaming up with an organization to help the youth. I did everything I needed to do to prepare for the success of the program. I expressed my truths and got a phone call saying “Willie you cannot be a part of this program we don’t support who you are.” I was shocked by this ignorance because I had not exhibited any reason for me to suddenly get dropped. The sad part is this was to benefit the youth. If anything because of my diverse background and education I would be a great advocate of what a successful man looks like. I have been a part of various organizations geared towards empowering our youth and served as their mentor.

It saddens me to see that my own people would cut my blessings because of their short comings and insecurities, which have nothing to do with me. I called my friends and they gave me support and said, “Willie God’s got something even bigger in store for you.” I was hurt because my character was misjudged and assumptions were made about me and this person never gave me a chance. Actually they did give me a chance. My light outshined theirs and because I’m secure with being Willie that’s intimidating enough. Instead of them embracing our differences they chose to run from it. The lesson I continually am learning as a mogul is the power of ALIGNMENT. If someone isn’t comfortable in their skin and lacks social stability I cannot do business nor partner with them. I have various projects going on at the moment and partnered up with other moguls who understand my vision and allow our STARRAH powers to shine.

 You never know where a person is going or when you might need their help. Starrahs please be mindful of the people you reject or throw away because they may be the gatekeeper for an opportunity for your brand to grow. I will continue to walk in my truth and integrity because that is all I have. The best part about this whole this too is even though this person rejected me they still gave me respect. How? Through me remaining calm, assertive, yet a little irritated and angry, but I didn’t allow my emotions to take over. If I allowed that to happen, then that individual would have counter transferred their negativity into my energy. I was not letting that happen because they did not create me. I know who my creator is and why I’m DIVINELY FAVORED.

Another tip I want to share with everyone is the power of silence. When I received the phone call this individual had not heard from me at all. Due to me not responding to their snide comments in person, their mind began to wonder. They became so invested as to what I was thinking; they created my thoughts for me. I would suggest to anyone who has a conflict with another person do not play mind reader it can stifle you. So when that person called me, being rational and hearing me out was not an option because they already made my mind up for me. That further proves that when someone is INSECURE it will show up in various ways if you listen to what the person is saying. I suggest that when you are in conflict it is best to ask that person questions to give you better CLARITY on how to deal with the issue at hand. I have avoided a lot of big problems in my life and career because of that.

Don’t get me wrong I get emotional too, but I’ve learned tactful ways of expressing myself. I cannot act like a teenager when I am an adult. When adults resort to childish ways they lose more energy and inner peace. I thought about yelling and staying angry, but realized quickly that wouldn’t fix the issue. My best option was to find a way to FORGIVE this person and shake off their negative aura. I am in the strongest mind frame I’ve ever been in a long time. Many people can try to break me, but you will only feed me with MY PURPOSE. When one door closes 20,000 more will open and the aligned purpose will find me. Never let someone tell you who they think YOU are as an absolute truth because they may be the same ones jealous of your growth, especially when they see you as being beneath them and unworthy of being competition. Don’t waste your breath or energy trying to prove that you are worthy and that you being here on earth was not a mistake or coincidence. We all have a PURPOSE to fulfill before we take our last breath. It is up to us if we’re going to go for it or wait for the opportunities to show up. As for me I am all about seeking other resources for help and connecting with the UNHEARD voices of the world. 

How many of you Starrahs have allowed your dreams to be deferred because of others’ opinions or fear of rejection? Are you willing to change your thinking now and go with the flow of your DESTINY…. Or will you stay content and wait for things to happen?

Always Persevering,

Willie J


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