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Unassigned Friends…

So many thoughts are swirling through my mind, ideas I want the world to see, & keeping a steady foundation with myself while doing so.  I am excited for these last few months of 2011. I have gone through many changes, as most of us all have.  My circle of friends have changed, I’ve lost weight, got a new job, & started this blog.  Right now I’m in the process of developing more video blogs along with a new web series too.  I know in 2012, I’m surely going to have to find an assistant because as I continue growing my brand I’ll need all the help I can get.  I’m back writing again, which never gets old for me because there’s always a new story to tell.  The past few months have kept me busy and I’ve been a socialite too.  It’s a great feeling to celebrate with old friends and reconnect with them during their time of growth.  I was at a friend’s birthday party recently and looked at the amount of people who came to show support.  I thought to myself, “Wow! She is truly loved.”  I enjoyed myself and we ate lots of food too. 

 What I took away from that night was to ENJOY my life; while allowing myself the options of choosing where I want my energy to go.  I hadn’t seen some of my friends in years, so when they need me I’m there no questions asked.  That’s true friendship.  Friends don’t have to be seen everyday or year of our lives; true connections will always flow during periods of separation.  When I hug my friends the genuine love and respect for each other is always there.  I know as I continue aging well, the choice of who I surround myself around is vital.  No longer will I allow myself to be in the company of someone who is not deserving of my time.  Starrahs as 2012 approaches it’s time to get rid of toxic individuals in order to free up room for positive people to radiate through our lives.  Especially as we all reach our goals and dreams we set.  What we must be careful of is holding onto to toxic friendships that hinder our full authentic self from being present?  Real friends will not be jaded by your success and will motivate the best in you. 


 So Starrahs are there any toxic people its time to let go?  Are you fully enjoying your life surrounded by the people who love you & have your best interest at heart? Give me your feed back…

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