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Giving Back To My Roots!!!

Giving Back To My Roots!!!

I went to my old stomping grounds, Glenville High School on May 4th for the Glenville Alumni Basketball Game. I had a GREAT time. I saw lots of old friends & laughed with them as we caught up on life. I felt so FREE coming back to my roots. One thing I always keep in mind is finding ways to stay connected to where I come from. I do plan on moving very soon, but I’ll never be too far away that I can’t give back. Something many people don’t know is when I was 18 years and in college, I did just that. My guidance counselor, Mr. Chinchar and I talked about me doing some motivational chats with junior and senior students of my alma mater. I got home from my first college break January 2004 and was sitting in Mr. Mandel’s classroom with bright-eyed seniors ready to share my wisdom about college life.

Mind you I’d recently graduated June 2004, now I’m in front of the class as a guest speaker. That for me was one of the highlights of my career. I spoke to a number of classes during the course of 6 years. Once I graduated college my priorities changed, but the message remained. I gave students practical advice and things they should do before going to college. I was a first generation in my family to go to college and coming from an urban environment where many men my age didn’t pursue this route was impressive. I’ll never know how many students took my advice and ran with it, but I know for sure that I gave what I could and nothing less. I remember my senior year and different speakers would come speak to us about the importance of college and choosing a good career. However, they gave the cookie cutter version, which I knew wouldn’t help me. I said to myself, “One day I’ll come back and give the students the real deal about college life.” Who knew less than six months later I’d begin that journey? The power of writing things down & speaking your life into existence is something I live by daily.

I said all that to say this: Understand that your branches can’t grow without strong roots in your foundation. You have to find ways to give back because many of our young people need guidance, as we once did.

How will you pull someone up with your strength Starrahs?

Glenville Tarblooder Always

-Willie J

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Reflective 2012 Starrah!!!

Reflective 2012 Starrah!!!

The New Year is upon us and moving at a consistent speed.  Around this time many of us are getting things in order whether it’s financially, physically, or spiritually.  Why is it that many of us wait until the END OF THE YEAR to make it COUNT??? Why aren’t we this enthusiastic during the middle of the year?  What happens during the course of each year that throws off our focus?  Could it be social media, friends, work, or committing to many projects.  For me I’ve had a mixture of all these things this year.  I’m addicted to facebook, but learning how to give it less of my time.  That doesn’t represent all of who I truly am. It’s an EXTENSION of my life & a way for me to keep in touch with my Starrahs all over the world.  Another distraction I had this year was over committing to other people’s projects. I’m glad to say that I’ve gotten a good grasp on that and haven’t been on board anyone else’s project since October. 

I went through a drastic change during the middle of this year with losing my job.  My FAITH was tested and I had to roll with the unknown.  I just remember telling myself that I’m gonna make it and continue building my brand.  Thank God I stayed FOCUSED because many opportunities gravitated my way during my FREEDOM TIME!  I had the honor to attend Collinwood High School on December 6th to speak with Mrs. Watson’s students.  They ranged from 10th-12th graders and I found pieces of myself in each one of them.  I remember being in high school full of life and trying to think about how things will work out for me.  My dream was to be BIG & GLOBALLY known.  As I chatted with these students giving them a little history about myself and they connected with my story.  They also asked various questions about college life and how high school was for me.  It was fun reminiscing about the IMPACT I left at my alma mater, GLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL (Class of 04’).  Special Thanks to Mrs. Watson for inviting me to speak with these young minds and give them some food for thought. We got more work to do in 2013!

 As I get the chance to explore my various TALENTS and figure out which one will generate revenue.  I was recently asked to HOST my own radio show on VOICE IT RADIO this is a nationwide Internet blog talk radio station, putting a lot of local talents and voices on air.  I’m in great company and the world is truly an oyster for me.  My radio show “ALL THINGS WILLIE J” debuted December 14, 2012.  Be sure Starrahs to listen every Friday 9pm-10pm to Myself & my co-host Ms. Tiffany.  BIG THANK YOU to Voice It Radio for giving me this platform and ways to reach a broader audience. I got love from Ohio, California, all the way to Hawaii.  Special Thanks to all of my Friends, Family, & Listeners that gave me an hour of their time. We’ve got so much more to talk about. Also to all of my blog following Starrahs that stay up with me and continue to read my work. You’re the reason I continue to keep writing and y’all are letting me know that this conversation is worth continuing. J All I can say for 2013 is BUSY, PRODUCTIVE, & BUSY!!!  May we all find our passions and what ways we’ll leave our TRADEMARK when it’s all said & done?  May ALL of YOU STARRAHS enjoy your holidays and be safe. Also if you can give back through your time, monetary donations, or feeding someone in your communities.  Go for it because you never know how your blessings will continue to flow. 


Jolly Starrah,

Willie J


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