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Happy 2 Years!!! Still Writing…

Happy 2 Years!!! Still Writing…

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to the All Things Willie J blog site. When I created this labor of love it was a way for me to pour out what’s going on in my world. I know that I’m not the only one who goes through issues, struggles, success, & understanding of who they are. I knew that my intention was to create a conversation and an outlet to make us all wonder what we’re capable of. This year has been one of many transitions and rolling with life as it comes. I normally plan things out, but l didn’t see some of the obstacles I’d have to overcome. I have to give honor to GOD for keeping me sane & still pushing through. Even during the days when I didn’t want to say anything or let those closest to me know I was going through troubling times. It looked like I had it all together, but behind my SMILE I was hurting. I felt like things weren’t going to get better for me even though I kept my mind as positive as can be. I just felt defeated and down.

My 27th birthday was a few days ago and it was a good and simple one. For my previous birthdays, I’d be in another city taking a vacation. This year that wasn’t an option for me, however, I created my own adventure this year. I got a chance to seek out some wise advice and my friend took me to dinner. I ended the night with a glass of wine & a red velvet cupcake. It was nice receiving love from my friends on my birthday and that made me feel special. Most times I’m so consumed with doing for others that l have to take time out for myself. Oh I have no problem getting on a bus, plane, or train to get away when I need to refuel. The best lesson for me that night was: “You are where you’re meant to be.” I kept reminding myself that l may not understand why things are where they are in my life, but I am in good standing. Most people would have given up and not focused on what trying times are teaching them. I’ve been reflecting on what these struggles have been teaching me.

Then I begin to think about how fast 2 years has gone by and my site is still going strong. During this time of transition for me, I can still OWN something. When I knew my finances began to fluctuate l had put aside the money I needed to keep this legacy going. I’ve always been someone who taught the value of owning your BRAND and finding ways to make it WORK. That’s exactly what I did.

Recently, a friend of mine told me “Look how far you’ve come Willie? You went from a blog site, to a radio show, and you’re still doing other things.” I had to take it in because they were right, I’ve got more work to do, which is why I celebrate every milestone in my career. I don’t want to be 50 years old and start reflecting on my career at that point. I’ve got enough time right now. I also took heed to some of the advice the wise woman told me on my birthday: “Stop over analyzing everything. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re doing the best you can. The little steps you’re taking now are having greater impacts in your life than you realize.” I must say she was on point because I’d forgotten to just be. My brand is doing well and just because I’m not seeing it’s frugalness at the moment, there are great outcomes happening because of me doing the work.

I encourage everyone to continue speaking your life into existence. It may not show up when you want it to, but eventually it’ll manifest at the appropriate time. I am holding on to my dream of moving out of my hometown and planting my Starrah SEEDS on new soil. My soul is meant to LIVE and be FREE. The truth is I’m bored here; my soul is already in my dream city kicking it, making the proper moves until we meet up. I will continue to do the work and step outside of my comfort zone and stretch my brand further than I can see.
Thank You for making these 2 years a good start, warm welcome, & letting me know that what I have to say still has value.

Breathing in my success,
Willie J


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Motivation For All Starrahs!!!

Motivation For All Starrahs!!!

There comes a time in one’s life when decisions have to be made. For example, most of us know when our bodies smell not so fresh; it’s time for a shower. That seems like an easy tasks, but can the same be said for our lives. Another example, we’ve got people in our circle that aren’t in the best interest to be around, yet we still keep them and call them “friends.” Now why is it so easy for us to clean our bodies, but not our inner being? I began wondering that question myself. On the outside it seems as though I have it all, but the reality is I have room for improvement. I’ve been going through ripples in my life this year and things haven’t been as easy-going for me, as it was in 2012. What I’ve come to learn is we all have to know it will work out in the end. Even when we can’t see our lives getting better, richer, & more complete, eventually things will.

I wish I had the answer as to when that’ll happen. When will I wake up in the morning & not have to worry about how I’m dressed how I’ll pay the rent, or what’s for dinner? When will I have my personal chef cooking a few good meals for me & my crew, my private plane, & tv show generating revenue? Each day I try to remember that troubles don’t last always. What I did to overcome those obstacles will stick with me forever. I had to learn to smile at times when failure was an option. I had to learn to laugh when tragedy struck & there was nothing I could do, but show support. I had to cry when my finances weren’t taken care of. Now in my life I am thankful that everything hasn’t settled for me yet & loving what is God has given to me.

He’s given me my 5 senses:

Smell: To engulf my nose into delicious foods. A true Foodie Indeed.

Sight: To see when others aren’t true to themselves or me. Don’t allow passes of toxicity to pass by & do nothing about it.

Taste: To know that VICTORY comes in phases, so try not to become distasteful.

Hear: Truly listen to the real intentions of what someone is saying & not just hearing the conversation on the surface. People reveal a lot of themselves through words.

Touch: Never be afraid to travel the world & feel the delicacies of life. I am a creator & will be a part of something bigger than myself, which will LIVE BEYOND MY EXISTENCE.
I’m not where I deserve to be yet, each year I figure out ways to get myself there. Know that I’m always taking action & being proactive in some form of my life. I don’t know how to SETTLE, grateful for that character trait indeed.

Starrahs Stay Encouraged & Blessed!
-Willie J

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