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Springing Forward!!!

Springing Forward!!!

My passion to write on my blog fizzled. I had gotten involved with other projects and wasn’t able to find my energy to speak & tell stories. I wrote in my journal daily, but I didn’t have the creativity to talk to my STARRAHS. My energy has come back and l have things to talk about and share some of my journey with everyone. I did my final “All Things Willie J” (ATWJ) radio show on March 21st, 2014. I had been wavering with this decision because I didn’t know if l was ready. I discussed it with my co-host, Tiffany and she agreed that whatever decision l made was the right one. I had no pressure on me to end my show & was running the show my way. I remember watching, Love & Hip-Hop New York, Erica Mena had went back to her old manager, Rich. They had a rocky relationship romantic & business wise, but l learned a lesson from their situation. If you want to change your career and open up new opportunities, than you have to change management. That is the core reason why l was ready for this change. I was moving at a fast pace and needed a change of scenery for me to grow.

On February 21st, 2014 I made the announcement that I was ending the show. I had support from my friends & radio station. I put in my 30 day notice and created lasting shows that would leave my mark on Voice It forever. l felt a shift in my energy after finishing that show because any doubts l had were gone. l knew that this was what l needed. Plus l had gotten tired of not having my Friday’s any longer and with the summer approaching and various events l would be attending l needed that free time. One thing about me is that l love dinners & taking vacations as l can with my friends. It gives us time to reconnect with each other and ourselves.

On March 21st l had a group of my friends with me and just let the night flow. l left the Agora studio feeling great, complete, and there was nothing unsaid. During defining times in our lives we are all faced with decisions that can change our journey. The obstacle is choosing the time to make those transitions that mold the life we want and deserve work. I had been considered ending the show on December 27th, but felt that the timing was off. I had more to talk about and if l ended it there would be regret. At this point a conversation had occurred between me & Tiffany discussing the time to end the show and we had agreed March was a great time to do it. I have not said goodbye to radio and welcome a new opportunity for the ATWJ platform. I felt myself getting limited with radio because l see tv, books, and my blog site as being an extension of the ATWJ brand.

This is a liberating and adventurous time in my life. I am not sure what’s next for me, but l invite positive new endeavors into my Starrahship. My radio show saw the light of day on November 6th, 2012 and the doors that opened gave me a glance at where l could go. I am able now appreciate and receive this experience because this doesn’t happen for everybody. I find myself reflecting on the show and the impact it has had in my life. The show has taught me about appreciating the power of being in control. Many of us crave control in some way, but we must learn how to utilize that power once we are in our manifested destiny. For example, running my own show humbled me because l called all the shots and it all fell on my shoulders. I was responsible for producing, creative director, booking guests, doing research, & making sure the show flowed. Sounds like a lot of work and it was. I have much respect for other radio personalities, especially those who do it all themselves. Making the show look easy was no easy task at all, but once l customized the formula that worked for me, my burdens eased.

I want to THANK ALL OF MY STARRAHS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, & VOICE IT RADIO for your support. I am grateful to Voice It Radio for providing a creative outlet for my personality to shine as well as allow me to talk about various topics & content on my show. I was able to talk about various issues: safe sex, HIV awareness, fatherhood, the power of manifesting your destiny, & much more. I reflect back on the show and know that it has served a purpose beyond myself & Tiffany. I want to THANK Tiffany, my German Chocolate Starrah for keeping me sane, being an example of a great partner, & working with me on the show. We made this show a success and I am glad you were there with me during this entire journey!

Starrahs I will be back blogging more and sharing lots of stories because we have a lot to catch up on. Also Happy Spring Time, find time to party with friends, relax at a hotel, take a road trip, or just have a sleepover. Make this season work for you. We’ve had a crazy winter, but lived to see another day. I know for sure that l am going to be super busy and it is all worth it.


Springly Refreshed Starrah,
-Willie J

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