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Hello World… I’m Here!!!

This blog idea has been in the works for the past 3 years. During this process I’ve been building my foundation, principles, and finding the purpose of my voice. The opportunity to expand my way of communicating with the world has opened up via Facebook and my personal video blogs. I realized that if I wanted to reach the masses then a bigger outlet of expression would be the next best move . In April, I was in New York visiting one of my dear friends, we were having brunch at Peaches HotHouse, in Brooklyn. I brought up the idea of starting my own blog site and we instantly started having a brainstorm session at the table when I heard her say, “All Things Willie J” I had an aha moment and my blog name was born. A week later I asked another friend who is a fellow blogger about some good blog sites to invest in and she suggested Word Press, I did my research and voila here we are.

I have a lot to say to the world. At age 25 I’ve become more confident in my opinions & views. People have taken notice and my audience has increased over this past year alone. The purpose of “All Things Willie J” is to show the various aspects of my life as well as document the journey of building an Empire Of Optimism and Inspiring others to see a bit of Light in the world we live in. I believe we all have a purpose and we’ll get there through dedication, perseverance, love, & reflection among other principles. So I’d like to Welcome each one of YOU to the All Things Willie J blog site and I look forward to our adventures of change, growth, and fulfillment!

Following A Destined Path Of Greatness-

Willie J


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