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Summer Was All That & More!

Summer Was All That & More!

What do you do to enjoy summer? For me it was working, making time to celebrate in Columbus, Ohio with my friends, go to Kent & see more friends, do various dinners at friend’s houses, cook sometimes, see what love could possibly bring my way, expand on my brand, & most importantly ENJOY THESE MOMENTS! For most of my life summers are a busy season for me & l don’t always get time to enjoy them because time moved so quickly. This year l carved out time for myself and knew that wherever l went whether it was to a fashion show or sitting on a friend’s porch l wanted to enjoy their company & let the world fall behind. The best lesson l got from this summer is: Staying In My Lane.

Many people jump out of who they are to appease others who are non-factors towards their success or livelihood. I am seen as a leader & some people may expect me to take the reins of a situation and make it better. What they fail to realize is not everything needs my STARRAH TOUCH. It’s okay to let things happen as they’re meant to. l am in a place where being stable and smiling means so much to me. l know people who can either have one, but not the other. Whether it is due to their insecurities or just not thinking they deserve it. All l can do is LIVE & know that whoever is watching me will learn something and be a productive influence on the world at large. I have had many opportunities to just get up and go those are the best times for me. Driving to Columbus by myself with the wind, gorgeous mountains, & clear skies made me appreciate time alone.

I’m entering the next phase of my Mogul Life and have made some good meetings happen. This Fall is definitely a great season for me being behind the scenes while putting my seal of approval at the forefront. I dreamed of finding my niche & now that phase is happening. I am able to speak “critique language” that’ll translate into a brands growth, as well as, allowing more creativity to flow through. To all my STARRAHS: l hope your SUMMER was one you made your OWN & allowed a few moments to LIVE! Thanks for reading & we have more to chat about for sure.

Make Your Lane Change Your World,

-Willie J


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