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A Starrah Fulfilled Experience!

Time really flies when you put more focus into what you’re meant to do.  My friend emailed about an opportunity to do a guest blog post for a website called “EntreRev, which stands for Entrepreneur Revolution” . I then researched the site for myself and browsed around to see if I’d be a good fit for their platform…. I was… Then I started working on a blog post that would be encouraging, but a guide for other young entrepreneurs to find their “Inner Voice.”  I think about when I started this blog site, which will be a year old next month. Wow! The blessing of being a writer is my ability to adapt to any writing style and get my point across. 

Before I started writing I reached out to the founder of the site Puneet Lakhi, then crafted my post in about 3 days.  I emailed it and a few days later I’m happy to announce my first guest post for 2012 happened! I was happily shocked because I thought it would be published next month, but I went to the site to see how it looked and there it was.  I’m still AMAZED.  I’ve gotten a lot of support and feed back from various friends.  The lesson I walked away with from this experience is to Pass It On.  Be good & kind to people because you never know where your next connection or job will come from or who is keeping you in mind.  Had my friend not emailed me the link and who I needed to contact this post wouldn’t be needed. 

That is why it’s so important to surround yourself with a network of people that will keep you motivated and push you beyond yourself.  Everyday is a new day for us to continue growing our vision and allow them to manifest.  I am overjoyed and thrilled to have this opportunity to be featured on a site where I can connect with other entrepreneurs that want to build a world of change and empowerment.  Be sure to know that Starrahs you all matter and we must choose wisely what we do in our lives because it effects those around us.  It only takes that one person to see the greater good in you that opens the door to a life fulfilled with your divine purpose.  Embrace all that comes your way because it builds to your story.

Checkout my article and give me feedback Starrahs 5 Tips for Finding Your Inner Voice

Thank You Puneet Lakhi for allowing me to be a part of your platform and opening up doors for other Starrahs to follow. Checkout this site because there are a lot of useful tips and stories of other young entrepreneurs making a difference in our world. We all have something to give,so don’t wait for the perfect time, create it.

Living Forward,

-Willie J


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Pursuing Greatness 2011

Greetings Starrahs, 

       I have the honor of being one of the featured experts for College Prep Ready blog site, which is run by my dear friend, Ashley Hill. She started this blog due to the lack of resources that helped college students prepare for college life. For the past couple years she talked about the idea of a conference that would help high school students and incoming college students of all levels.  This year she decided to launch a Virtual Conference called “Pursuing Greatness 2011” This Conference is FREE, YES FREE! Each day there will be a different topic and it runs August 22nd- August 27th.  On August 27th there will be a special Webinar Conference, which is going to be a Questions & Answers session for the pubic. This is FREE too and the great thing is we can be a part of this event from our homes.  I encourage you all to check out the Pursuing Greatness 2011 Conference going on right now, so JOIN IN on the FUN & gain some new knowledge on ways to improve your college experience.  Here is the link,  Please share this with you friends, coworkers, family, and whoever may benefit from this useful information.  My blog feature will be posted Friday August 26th, all I’m going to say about it is this column brings out pieces of my character & gives you all a glimpse into why I’m so MOTIVATED to SUCCEED! It’s nice to be back & I hope you all are enjoying your summer as time is winding down for Fall!

At Home Starrah

Willie J

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