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My purpose is to inspire us all to live in our truths & enjoy the light that shines from within. We all have a powerful connection to one another as human beings, therefore we should use our time wisely and more interactively to enhance our world at large.

Where Will I Go….?

Where Will I Go….?

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. It’s been 9 years since I graduated high school. When I left for college I had it all figured out. I’d graduate with my degree and then I’d move out of Ohio. At the time my life was taking many twist and turns due to family issues going on, so I had to take care of in-house first. Now that storm has passed, the idea of me moving has come back full force. I know where home is, Cleveland will always have my heart. At the same time if I want my brand to expand I’ll have to open myself up to another city that can provide me with the proper resources. I have a few places I’d love to live in, but not sure which one to choose. My best friend and I were talking about moving in general. We both have degrees and realize that relocating will be in our best interest. She brought up the fears of moving to a city where you don’t have family or friends to lean on. It’s a valid reason, but many of our friends have relocated and found success in cities they’d never think of being in.

Then my mom is worried about me moving because she doesn’t think I’d make it. What she fails to realize is if I can survive being unemployed and still staying afloat surely I can make it wherever I go. I don’t have any children or responsibilities and this would be a great time in my life to venture away. Plus I have a lot of ideas that require more backing and guidance. Life has many challenges, but regrets are hurdles too. In order for me to figure out where I need to be it’s time to do more affirmations. Recently I looked at a few grad school programs for my Masters, but nothing seems to fit at the moment. I refuse to rush into school to gain more status. I’m doing pretty well with my Bachelors.

My radio show “All Things Willie J” is molding into a quality hour program that provides my audience with valuable knowledge. I expanded the show and have a few segments that are going to become signatures of who I am. For example, “Starrah Motivational Thought” is a spot where I give inspiration to those who need it. One highlight of this experience was having my Insurance Agent, Amanda Polasko talk about the importance of having LIFE INSURANCE. That is a topic that I speak with many friends and family about. So many of us don’t have life insurance, which than bears more weight on the family during their time of grief. If you can save at least $20.00-$30.00 dollars a month then it’s possible for you to get some kind of life insurance coverage. Even if it’s for $5,000 dollars every cent counts and you can always increase your coverage amount at a later time. I know we’re in trying times, but WHEN THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY.

In closing, having a radio show has opened me up to the possibilities of going global and being in a new city that embraces me. Cleveland has given me continued support and I know that wherever I go, I’ll represent my hometown well. 2013 is my year of transitioning and gaining more insight into who “Willie J” is and what he’s meant to do here on earth. Now that is worth exploring whether I’m in the BIG APPLE, the BIG EASY or ACROSS THE POND.

Starrahs where would you want to live if money wasn’t an issue for you? What would you do there and why that city suits you?

Traveling Comfortably,
Willie J


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Reflective 2012 Starrah!!!

Reflective 2012 Starrah!!!

The New Year is upon us and moving at a consistent speed.  Around this time many of us are getting things in order whether it’s financially, physically, or spiritually.  Why is it that many of us wait until the END OF THE YEAR to make it COUNT??? Why aren’t we this enthusiastic during the middle of the year?  What happens during the course of each year that throws off our focus?  Could it be social media, friends, work, or committing to many projects.  For me I’ve had a mixture of all these things this year.  I’m addicted to facebook, but learning how to give it less of my time.  That doesn’t represent all of who I truly am. It’s an EXTENSION of my life & a way for me to keep in touch with my Starrahs all over the world.  Another distraction I had this year was over committing to other people’s projects. I’m glad to say that I’ve gotten a good grasp on that and haven’t been on board anyone else’s project since October. 

I went through a drastic change during the middle of this year with losing my job.  My FAITH was tested and I had to roll with the unknown.  I just remember telling myself that I’m gonna make it and continue building my brand.  Thank God I stayed FOCUSED because many opportunities gravitated my way during my FREEDOM TIME!  I had the honor to attend Collinwood High School on December 6th to speak with Mrs. Watson’s students.  They ranged from 10th-12th graders and I found pieces of myself in each one of them.  I remember being in high school full of life and trying to think about how things will work out for me.  My dream was to be BIG & GLOBALLY known.  As I chatted with these students giving them a little history about myself and they connected with my story.  They also asked various questions about college life and how high school was for me.  It was fun reminiscing about the IMPACT I left at my alma mater, GLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL (Class of 04’).  Special Thanks to Mrs. Watson for inviting me to speak with these young minds and give them some food for thought. We got more work to do in 2013!

 As I get the chance to explore my various TALENTS and figure out which one will generate revenue.  I was recently asked to HOST my own radio show on VOICE IT RADIO this is a nationwide Internet blog talk radio station, putting a lot of local talents and voices on air.  I’m in great company and the world is truly an oyster for me.  My radio show “ALL THINGS WILLIE J” debuted December 14, 2012.  Be sure Starrahs to listen every Friday 9pm-10pm to Myself & my co-host Ms. Tiffany.  BIG THANK YOU to Voice It Radio for giving me this platform and ways to reach a broader audience. I got love from Ohio, California, all the way to Hawaii.  Special Thanks to all of my Friends, Family, & Listeners that gave me an hour of their time. We’ve got so much more to talk about. Also to all of my blog following Starrahs that stay up with me and continue to read my work. You’re the reason I continue to keep writing and y’all are letting me know that this conversation is worth continuing. J All I can say for 2013 is BUSY, PRODUCTIVE, & BUSY!!!  May we all find our passions and what ways we’ll leave our TRADEMARK when it’s all said & done?  May ALL of YOU STARRAHS enjoy your holidays and be safe. Also if you can give back through your time, monetary donations, or feeding someone in your communities.  Go for it because you never know how your blessings will continue to flow. 


Jolly Starrah,

Willie J


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Vroom, Vroom To Life!!!

Whew! October flew by me and November is blazing through quickly.  I’ve been having a range of things going on at the moment. For example, I’ve been enlisted to help proofread an article that will debut very soon and give my Starrah touch to it.  Also I recorded a Promo Commercial for my friend’s Restaurant “Simply Irresistible Restaurant & Catering.” I’m proud of their success and am willing to lend my help to a great brand.  Next month will mark my car, Kim’s 9th Birthday. She’s a 94’ Toyota Corolla!  I’ve been extremely BLESSED to have had my car for this long period of time.  I remember when I got it as a Christmas gift my freshman year of college. I didn’t start driving it until that summer. 

There I was a young 19 year old, working, and taking care of my first car.  I recently took it to the shop to get some back brake work done and a wheel alignment.  My friends always ask me if I still have the same car and without hesitation I say, “YES I DO.”  I’ve survived wrecks, snow storms, heavy rains, sunny days, & gorgeous nights.  I remember at 16 when I was interested in driving I’d always see my God Mom driving this blue car and I said to myself, “I want that car one day.”  Who knew I’d have it 3 years later, the power of speaking your life into existence.  Mind you I never told anyone that I wanted that car.  It feels GOOD to know that hard work never goes unnoticed.  It doesn’t matter how WEALTHY I am, Kim is gonna be with me until she decides it’s time for us to part ways. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to stay consistent and keep the important things in my life consistent too. 

So many people feel like if they get this new car they’d be happier.  What they don’t see is that new car is a temporary fix.  They can have a million cars and still not be satisfied.  For me I’m good with longevity and classic pieces: Friends, Family, & Books.  These are timeless in my life and somehow make me feel complete when I need them most.  If we could all reflect on the few TIMELESS pieces we’ve collected.  Maybe then Starrahs will we find what truly keeps our engines going?

Starrahs, what are the THREE things you can’t live without? Share your thoughts….

Alive & Well, 

Willie J

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Excuse My Age, I Was Born With Greatness! 11/08 by All Things Willie J | Blog Talk Radio

 Hey Starrahs this is my 3rd installment of my All Things Willie J radio show. Check It Out: “Excuse My Age, I Was Born With Greatness” I’ll be posting more blog entries this weekend and next week too. Thanks for rolling on with me. Give me your feed back Starrahs…

Enjoy the show,

-Willie J

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Problems, Success, And Everything In Between

My peers have looked to me for solutions to their problems. I never thought of the help I provided to them as a start to my brand. I have always been a leader, someone who made things happen. I remember being in high school trying to figure out what “real life” would look like for me. How I could take over the world? I wanted to be well-known in my high school for doing great things. Setting a path for others to follow and reflect on. I was a teenager with big dreams and now I’m a Starrah creating open doors for this next generation to follow.  I began to realize that with only two months left of 2012, how much impact I have had on my Starrahs?  I go about my everyday life and sometimes forget that I have loved ones who are waiting on my first book to be published. I’m published in my friend Ashley Hill’s book “Celebrating The Journey: Rediscovering Me“. Starrahs pick up your copy today.  That was a true honor for me to be featured in a book that deals with facing adversities and achieving your academic goals.  I know all to well about that, but the good thing about this story is how authentic Ashley’s story is and how she achieved her successes.  There are so few of us who can weather the storm and push on to our destined life.  Now it is not an easy path by any means, but the rewards that follow are endless. I know for sure that her JOURNEY is one we all can learn from and explore ways to CELEBRATE how far we’ve come.

I was talking to a best friend of mine and she was griping about the struggles going on in her life at the moment.  As a good friend, I listened, but when I got home a few things came to mind 1) She is going to love that Masters degree once it’s all over only a few more months left. 2) She’s maintained her sanity while balancing 4 jobs two she gets paid for and the other two pays her back via the universe. 3) I admire her courage to be the first to achieve this goal that only few black people have been able to accomplish. 4) I’ll be holding up a huge “YOU DID IT” sign at her college graduation in May 2013. 5) And lastly how fortunate am I to have a dear person like her in my life as an inspiration to keep me going. 

You see what I learned is sometimes it’s alright to not be the problem solver, but rather the reflective mirror.  When someone talks to me about a struggle they are going through my first reaction is not to solve the problem.  I’m listening for ways they can improve their situation and get out of their own way.  Often times I have been in the way of my blessings, blocking the very people who should be connected to my energy at that time.  I don’t have much to complain about because in the scheme of life.  Most of the adversities I’ve faced in 2012 weren’t as big as what I faced in 2004 or 2005.  October is a special month to me and later on this month I’ll elaborate why.  For now I want to leave you with this.  People often tell me, “Willie you’re always happy why is that?”  The reality is not everyday is a happy day, but I understand that struggles don’t last always.  Plus I have positive people in my life who are my reflective mirrors and won’t allow me to crumble.


Willie J

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My First Show Debut!

Listen tointernet radio with All Things Willie J on Blog Talk Radio
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Continuing On Starrah!!!

Fall is here so you know 2012 is winding down.  I’ve got a few things I still want to accomplish. Launching my radio show is going to give me a clearer focus on the things that are important to my brand. The cool thing about this is I get to express my thoughts through technology and voice my perspective on things I rarely talk about.  Lately there have been many topics floating throughout the world and I’ve got a lot to say about it.  The focus of this show isn’t to win more Starrahs I’m good there, but to expand out thinking and seek alternative solutions. 

 Like most people, I too have experienced disappointments and made mistakes.  I learned from them too and now I’m ready to share a few of those experiences with the world at large. Being a mogul has various responsibilities and lately I’ve been off track. I used to have energy to write for hours and hours, but that slowly lingered off. However, I am steadily getting back to the things that matter most to me. I needed a break from being responsible for others because it was taking a toll on my body.  I have been talking with my inner circle and they have given me ways to improve myself and my brand.  Sometimes being all over the place does not help matters at all.  I am finding ways to do one task at a time and giving myself realistic deadlines too.  I have a few goals that I want to accomplish in 2013 and I want to take on bigger challenges, bigger than myself.  I know for sure that I’m meant to work with people and speak to the masses with my divine light.

 I’m making a PROMISE to myself that I’ll be more accountable for the improvement of my well-being.  Still I remain patient on the expansion of my platform because I know there are many people I’ll be working with and partnering up ways to improve our brands.  I got a phone call this morning from my dear friend wanting my input on a branding decision, which proves to me that my voice is stronger than I realized.  My friend could’ve called anyone in the world, but instantly thought of me. I’m grateful to be thought of and see the impact I have on others.

 Thanks for reading Starrahs may your path of fulfilling goals before 2012 begin today. It’s never too early or too late.


Back In The Race,

Willie J

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Single Life…. Why Me???



Like many of my friends, I too am single.  I used to think I’d be in a relationship by now and finding a connection with someone who complemented me.  The reality is, I haven’t connected with that person yet, but I stay confident that it will happen.  Most of the people I know who are in relationships about 50% of them are not happy.  They’re settling whether it’s due to having kids or for convenience.  I don’t have time for a convenient relationship because my brand stays busy, so my future Boo needs to be on that track too. How is it that I’ve managed to stay afloat during these struggling times and yet most people don’t even try?  My mentality has always been to keep going and never settle. That’s probably why I finished college at Kent, when my mother wanted me to come home after my father died. I started this blog because I desired a bigger platform to reach the masses.  Not to mention, I didn’t settle for good enough when it showed up at my door step looking like the youthful version of the crypt keeper with an empty heart.


I’m forever stressing the importance of knowing your SELF-WORTH.  I know that one day my life will be open enough to share this empire with, but you gotta work for it. And it’s going to be a challenge because I’m a big deal and will not down play my light for other’s egos.  There has been a joy to having a single life. I get to travel to Ontario and Windsor, Canada and recently to New York City.  I got to meet a lot of interesting people and that let’s me know that my future Boo may be in another state waiting for us to connect.  The good lessons I’ve learned in my twenties are to stay true to myself and don’t waiver my standards because of the fear of loneliness. Hey I’ve been by myself from my teenage to adult years and been doing just fine.  When I’m ready to move into the relationship aspect of my life the divine order will make it happen.  I’ve gone one a few dates, but I knew before the first bite of food that there would be no second or third date for that matter.  I’m not looking for perfection, I deserve someone accomplished.  My brand has grown greatly over this year alone and more things are in the works.  So why on earth would I settle for “I think I can” kind of individual?  When I know there is someone out there ambitious, driven, and attractive.  I’m all of those things and more. Being patient sometimes has its moments, but the payoffs have been worth it. I’d rather show up to my 10 year high school reunion, single, rather than put on a show with someone not worth my time.  


I do have great friends that I do lots of dates with and that helps.  We often talk about the dynamics of what makes a relationship work and how to know if this person is worth pursuing.  I’ve walked away from many of those conversations grateful because I get to live vicariously through them and catch the warning signs early.  Some of my friends have stable relationships that continuously build and others I don’t know how they stayed for so long.  If you can’t put money on the rent, groceries, or at least gas in the car, BYE,BYE.  There is no further discussion we need to have because if all you can offer me is good conversations, I can talk to myself.  Starrahs you must be willing to be honest with yourself regardless of your circumstances or age about the love you deserve.  If things aren’t getting better and there has been no GROWTH in the relationship.  It may be time to reevaluate if this relationship is a crutch for something else.  Often times we can hide in our relationships so that people don’t question what’s going on inside us.  What many of us forget is? You are who you attract.  So be mindful of the company you keep and the person you desire to share your love with.  I’m a firm believer in people’s energy can uplift or drain you.  It’s what we decide to do when it’s our Boo causing these shifts that are clear indicators if things are going in the right direction.


How many of you Starrahs out there are enjoying the SINGLE LIFE??? Tell me your thoughts?


Successfully Single,

Willie J

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Radio Starrah Debut!

Hello to my Starrahs! That’s right I’ve been working on this radio show idea for a while now. The show will debut in the first week of October on blog talk radio. The show is appropriately titled “All Things Willie J” this will be an extension of what I want to talk about. I’ll be covering various topics. I’m growing and needed an engaging platform to connect with everyone, so radio was a no brainer for me. My goal is to do 4 shows per month and it’ll be around the 6pm mark. The show will be no longer than 30 minutes b/c we all have things to do. Plus I feel that I can do another show to expand on a topic if I don’t cover everything. I did radio in high school, college, and now I’m doing this on my own. I THANK everyone for being with me on this journey as I continue to create platforms that open doors for others. I’m not waiting for an opportunity to show up, I’m gonna make one. I’ll update again and give you all the link to follow me and listen in. See y’all on the Air soon.


Willie J.

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Acting The Part



I’ve been reflecting on my career and when it actually began. I think it started around 16 yrs old, as a sophomore at Glenville Senior High School. Now as I look back at my high school years I was a mogul then and took care of my business. I began my acting career on stage under the direction of my Speech Presentation/Drama teacher, Mr. Cornell Calhoun, who has been my mentor for over 10 years. I was nervous auditioning for the role of “Husband” in a play called “Old Settler.” There were four of us in the cast, Anita Tobin, Anjillian “AJ” Hill, & Luckey Dickerson & myself. We worked hard and learned our lines fast. Even at that young of an age I felt like I was on a Broadway stage. I take being an actor seriously. When I’m in acting mode nothing else matters, but getting the scene done right. We all understood how important it was to show our talents because our community would be watching us. It was all about making sure we portrayed our characters the proper way they were meant to be.

  So after a few weeks of rehearsal it was SHOW TIME. We did Amazing and Mr. Calhoun came up on stage, PROUD & CRYING, tears streaming down his face. I still remember that moment. He was so proud of us because we came ALIVE on STAGE and SHINED. We got a standing ovation from the crowd. I knew at that moment I was a part of something big. Here I was this outspoken kid who has a lot to say and now the foundation for my platform is in front of me, on stage. The first time I had ever done a play was in the 5th grade. I didn’t understand what was going on then. All I knew was not to mess up my lines. Now as a teenager it all made sense as to why I loved being on stage in front of a crowd of people. There’s this one line in Old Settler where I say, “She used to kiss me good night.” I was referencing my character’s affection he received from his mother and how he was trying to smooth talk Lo Bessie, his on the side boo, into some adult fun action. (Laughs) This play took place before all of these reality shows and the drama in that play was deep. It’s actually a movie starring Phylicia Rashad, and Debbie Allen and a host of other talented actors. I got to see the movie a few years after we did this production. Let me say I did pretty good. (Smiles) 

What I gained from that experience and carried away with me is whatever you do, do it well. Whatever project your name is attached too represents your brand, so choose who you want to work with wisely. Fortunately for me I worked with top notch actors and had an AWARD-WINNING director/playwright.  Yes in high school I was surrounded by greatness. I treated every play I did from that point on like an award-winning performance. That is what has allowed me various opportunities to do various plays and take breaks in between to enjoy life. I know there will come a time when the focus is the stage and television world. That is why I continue to maintain a grounded lifestyle that suits me and my circle of loved ones.

 Mr. Calhoun gave me these words of wisdom back in 2004, after graduating high school: “Never leave the stage, never drop the pen, never cease to smile. You are an original.” I reflect on these words often because I’ve never stopped being active in my artistic career. One of the things I’m glad I did was remain PATIENT. I thought I’d be on stages all over the world by now most of the year. What I discovered was it wasn’t time for that yet because I needed to close up any gaps going on in my personal life. Beyond being a writer, actor, entertainer, I am a son. I have now gained the proper stability needed for me to expand my career and let my Mom do her thing. I know that the next role I do will push me further as an actor and shine in my craft. My goal is not to become a famous actor; it’s to become an actor of creative substance. I also want to get in the directors chair too and elevate other actors/actress’ careers. I THANK everyone who has come to support me in any of my theatrical endeavors. I appreciate all of the love and grateful for your continued belief in me.

 What’s your big dream or dreams Starrah’s? Share them.

 Takes A Bow,

Willie J


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