Women Hear Them Roooaaarrr!

13 Mar
Women Hear Them Roooaaarrr!

For the past few months I’ve been putting lots of energy into my radio show.  I have met a lot of people during this experience. At this time in my career I am grateful to have this platform. A year ago, I lost my job and wasn’t sure what was next for me.  Now I’m busy creating a show that I can be proud of as well as provide valuable content for my audience.  There are many subjects I have yet to discuss, but I am taking each show one month at a time.  I have great co-hosts Ms. Tiffany Burton & “Legendary” Courtney Davis, who keep the shows energy flowing effortlessly.  As the creator of the “All Things Willie J” show, I often forget that I have the power to control the entirety of my show.  Meaning I can pick the guests, topics, & whatever else I feel that will enhance the show’s appeal.

This month I chose to focus on women.  Women are important to my life because I’m always surrounded by them & I see all of their passion, drive, dedication, struggles & victories.  I chose this month to focus on them in my “Women Entrepreneur Month.”   I chose women Moguls who are in their Mid- 20s-Early 40s.  It’s not enough to just be a woman, sometimes it’s about OWNING your POWER!  We all have gifts and each of these young women exemplify what it means to truly live OPENLY & HUMANLY CONNECTED.   These women run blogs sites, are authors, create their own internet channels, & natural hair care products.  I’m Amazed to see how fast many of these brands have matured over the years.  I’m talking about as fast as within two years of creating their brand.  Blog sites that have turned into a self-empowered workshop platform to having natural hair care products inside the goody bags at this year’s 2013 Presidential Inauguration.  Talk about speaking life into your vision.

My goal for this series is to empower all of the Starrahs through these radio chats. I want them to understand that dreams can manifest when you do the work.  I remember when I started this site about 2 years ago and it was a way for me to communicate my thoughts.  Now it’s on gaining continuing exposure and allowing my Starrahs to grow with me.  We still have more places to go and things to discuss.  Thank You to everyone that continues to follow the “All Things Willie J” movement.  I will continue to give y’all content that matters because it truly is about “Igniting Your Inners Starrah and Going Beyond Yourself.”

What are ways you’ll start living out your dreams Starrahs?

My Dream Lives,

Willie J


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