Radio Starrah Debut!

29 Aug

Hello to my Starrahs! That’s right I’ve been working on this radio show idea for a while now. The show will debut in the first week of October on blog talk radio. The show is appropriately titled “All Things Willie J” this will be an extension of what I want to talk about. I’ll be covering various topics. I’m growing and needed an engaging platform to connect with everyone, so radio was a no brainer for me. My goal is to do 4 shows per month and it’ll be around the 6pm mark. The show will be no longer than 30 minutes b/c we all have things to do. Plus I feel that I can do another show to expand on a topic if I don’t cover everything. I did radio in high school, college, and now I’m doing this on my own. I THANK everyone for being with me on this journey as I continue to create platforms that open doors for others. I’m not waiting for an opportunity to show up, I’m gonna make one. I’ll update again and give you all the link to follow me and listen in. See y’all on the Air soon.


Willie J.

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